Transforming business, technical and operational challenges into a robust and effective system in a controlled and timely manner requires experience and skill spanning a diverse set of disciplines. DPR’s services have been delivering this capability for nearly twenty years.


Many of DPR’s clients are new entrants in their chosen product category, building a new business from the ground up and in need of solutions for originating and servicing customer accounts. For these organisations, speed to market and a desire to be guided through the process prevail over traditional project concerns such as data migration and accommodation for existing systems and processes.

Launchpad is DPR’s tailored implementation methodology for new providers, designed to provide clients with an ‘out of the box’ solution to use as a starting point for their new proposition and allow them to accelerate implementation.

Everything from screen designs and document templates to workflow processes and rules is presented in template form through a series of facilitated workshops in which we work rapidly through the solution with the client to identify any gaps in functionality that may require customisation. In parallel with this activity, DPR can offer standardised packages for hosting, third-party bureau services and other facilities through partner organisations that we have worked with in the past.

Project Management

DPR’s approach to project management is open, transparent and designed to put the project sponsor at the heart of the governance process. Every project follows a formal methodology combining elements of PRINCE 2 with an iterative development approach, and a strong focus on status reporting and issue tracking.

The key elements of this methodology include a project governance framework including PID, project plan, risk register etc.; formal requirements gathering through up-front workshops to identify and capture business and technical requirements; parallel work streams to progress the project on multiple fronts concurrently and a structured QA process including early verification testing (EVT) to provide the client with regular hands-on access to the solution throughout the project.

Infrastructure Planning and Implementation

DPR’s infrastructure planning team helps clients design, procure and provision robust, high performance hardware and networking components to support their origination and servicing solutions.  Whether hosted internally or through a specialist third party provider,

our consultants have the detailed knowledge and experience to ensure that the infrastructure elements align correctly with DPR’s platform requirements, are delivered in a timely manner and include adequate provision for information security, resilience, monitoring and management.

Data  Migration

For new clients transitioning from legacy platforms, and for existing clients acquiring new account portfolios, DPR’s data migration practice offers a proven and robust methodology and toolset for the controlled ingestion and verification of all types of customer and account data. Data migration runs as a parallel work stream inside the main project plan, and includes its own specialist testing

capability to ensure that imported information is received completely and accurately. Information security is of primary concern, and personal information is fully anonymised throughout the preparation and testing phase of the migration. This gives clients the assurance that their data protection obligations are never compromised.

DPR’s dedicated support team provides a range of helpdesk and application management options for clients of all sizes. Provision is scalable to meet each client’s needs, from helpline-based assistance during office hours to dedicated 24×7 support with remote connectivity. We can also provide proactive application housekeeping and monitoring services to give additional reassurance of application health.

DPR can provide tailored training and manuals covering end-user functions, system administration, business intelligence and system configuration. Each course is planned and delivered in close consultation with the client in order to meet learning objectives and trainee profiles.

DPR offers a range of in-house and partner-facilitated functional testing facilities for clients, as well as supporting the client’s own end user testing. We provide a full test management framework, including online issue reporting and tracking, test strategy planning, test scenario preparation and test metrics and reporting.

We liaise with credit reference agencies and other third parties to ensure that test data is properly synchronised and that real-world functions can be accurately simulated, and can assist with third party penetration and resilience training through a structured programme of supporting activities.