Equity Release

Built on the proven foundations of our residential mortgage platform, DPR’s equity release solution is designed to deliver high levels of process efficiency and control across all aspects of the business.


  • Lifetime mortgage
  • Lump sum and regular drawdown facilities
  • Interest-serviced or fully rolled-up
  • Fixed interest or variable with cap and collar option
  • Home reversion plan
  • Incentives including free valuations and cashback 


  • Fine-grained control of product by distributor
  • Support for multiple intermediary distribution tiers (DA, AR, Network)
  • Broker registration and approval process, including FCA Register validation upon registration and when Register database updated
  • Automatic procuration fee calculation including splits and overrides 
  • Funding and distribution pools with tranche criteria, funding thresholds, depletion alerts and automated staged product withdrawal
  • Ability to report on sales performance over time by distribution channel and other attributes


  • Tailored web portal for use by external intermediaries and in-house sales staff. Includes online illustration, AIP/DIP, full mortgage application and case tracking
  • Lending decision engine uses workflow, rules and bureau interfaces to ensure that applications meet lending and product criteria.
  • Produce automatic accept/decline/refer decision plus supporting checklist items, tasks and more
  • Direct 2-way links to valuation providers, reducing data keying requirements and allowing rules engine to process valuation data automatically upon receipt
  • Data warehouse for operational and regulatory reporting
  • Fully integrated with three main credit reference agencies for electronic ID, fraud and credit scoring to support automated decisioning
  • Back office applications suite for processing pipeline applications, including role-based task list, checklist items and process wizards
  • Document management system for document production and imaging
  • Payment administration system for settlement of broker commission and production of remittance advices 
  • Direct integration with DPR and other loan servicing platforms for exposure checking and for boarding of new customer/loan records on completion


  • Maintain balances and transactions for single and multi-part accounts
  • Daily calculation and posting of interest
  • Direct Debit process for interest-serviced accounts, including arrears and arrangements for failed payments
  • Ability to automatically switch from interest-serviced to fully rolled-up if payments are missed
  • Statement production
  • Daily extract of all monetary movements and accruals to General Ledger
  • Library of 100+ business process wizards for handling all types of customer and account processes
  • Lump sum and regular drawdown processes
  • Contract variation process for drawdown, transfer of equity etc., with link back to origination module for compliant sales process
  • Property possession, disposal and settlement process at end of term

Process Efficiency

  • The workflow engine automates common tasks, reducing the amount of manual handling required to process pipeline applications and manage account servicing processes
  • Where manual activity is required, the system automatically assigns the correct priority and allocates the task to an appropriate role, allowing lower skilled staff to use the system in a controlled and productive manner
  • Direct integration with credit reference agencies, payment providers and valuation services ensures that information is exchanged accurately, quickly and without manual re-keying
  • Task performance against deadlines and SLAs is proactively monitored and escalated if needed
  • The data warehouse provides management insight into operational bottlenecks, resource utilisation and other metrics

Business Benefits

The DPR platform helps organisations large and small to optimise their origination and servicing operations, driving down costs and ensuring that they make best use of available resources. DPR’s powerful workflow engine automates common tasks; integration gateways enable seamless exchange of information with a library of industry-standard service providers and our smart task management technology brings control and insight into manual processing.

In a competitive and rapidly changing market, providers must be able to react rapidly to changing needs and circumstances. DPR’s suite of graphical configuration tools brings new levels of customisation and control to the business, shortening development times and enabling business analysts to directly maintain and test complex business functionality without programming.

DPR’s modular, service-oriented architecture is robust, secure and easy to manage and is designed to scale seamlessly across physical, virtual or cloud-based implementations for organisations of any size. Comprehensive telemetry provides real-time insight into system health and resource utilisation, and additional system capacity can be easily provisioned by adding additional storage and service nodes as required.


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Work Flow Builder


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