Every client brings a distinct set of business requirements and technical challenges, making each DPR implementation unique.

DPR’s modular architecture is designed to accommodate this, allowing us to build tailored solutions, each precisely configured to meet the client’s specific needs.

Our library of components has been proven over many years in business critical production environments, and includes both core system level

services such as security and data management as well as business process components such as the workflow and rules engines which execute account origination and servicing functions. We also offer a library of over 70 third party service gateways, allowing our solutions to exchange data with credit reference agencies, payment processors and other external systems.

Mobile App

DPR’s customer mobile app is available on iOS and Android phones, providing savings, mortgage and loan customers with direct access to their accounts.


  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Passcode or biometric authentication
  • Access account statements and documents
  • Pay or transfer money
  • View and cancel future payments
  • View all historic payments
  • Self-service product switch options before end of term
  • Take photos and upload payslips, ID, bank statements, etc. to progress account
  • Interactive branch locator

Each mobile solution is tailored to match client’s corporate look and feel, creating an attractive and compelling user interface that is aligned with brand values.


  • Secure banking
  • View all accounts on one app
  • Easy account management
  • Access account documentation
  • Secure communication between the customer and bank
  • Tailored to client branding and requirements
  • Up and running in less than 6 weeks
  • Flexible to adjust to regulatory or client requirements
  • Compliant solution


DPR’s wizards provide a simple yet powerful user interface for carrying out any kind of processing task within the account origination and servicing solutions.

Each wizard consists of a series of screens which are presented to the user at the appropriate point in a business process. These screens collect required information before passing it to the Workflow Engine for onward processing (e.g. updating account records, generating documents, assigning follow up tasks etc.).

This approach allows lower skilled staff to be productive without requiring a detailed knowledge of all process steps, and ensures that every operation is carried out in a consistent and compliant manner. Furthermore, because workflow is entirely configurable, clients have maximum flexibility in their chosen implementation of each business process.

Wizards are the primary method for implementing manual processing within the DPR system, and we provide a complete suite of wizards across all types of origination and servicing, along with the associated workflow templates.

  • service3
  • service1
  • service2

Workflow and Rules

DPR’s Workflow and Rules modules work together to automate business processes across all areas of origination and servicing. They provide the ‘heavy lifting’ process automation that sits behind every wizard and system function, and are the core engines that drive the system. Each workflow is able to carry out a wide variety of tasks, including generating and distributing documents, exchanging information with external systems, creating and assigning tasks and checklist items and running rules policies using the Rules Engine.

For example, the online application process for new accounts uses workflow and rules to orchestrate the various steps needed to determine whether an application should be approved, declined or referred, and the workflow engine and rules engine are responsible for carrying out this process. Reaching a correct decision quickly and consistently requires a complex sequence of process steps to be carried out in a precise order, including customer ID and credit checks, assessing affordability for loans and mortgages, producing documentation and generating checklists and tasks for follow-up.

Configuration Tools

DPR’s suite of graphical configuration tools allows non programmers to build, test and maintain system parameters and behaviours without coding. These tools are used to construct the workflows, rules policies, document templates and other elements that make each client’s solution unique. For new clients this work is carried out by DPR’s specialist consultants as part of their implementation. A number of clients have been trained in how to operate the tools themselves, allowing them to manage the system behaviour post go-live themselves with DPR’s support.